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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Power Rankings

Here r the updated Power Ranking every month

1)Tigers-Still the best there is but they r on a slump

2)White Sox-Surging 2 be the very best in their divison, unfornaltly they need 2 beat the Tigers which happen 2 be the best in the league

3)Mets-Best in the NL by far, too bad that the NL isn't as great as the AL, get ready 2 see the Mets in the World Series and lose.

4)Yankees-Its been awhile since there has been a better New York team than the Bronx Bombers

5)Athletics-When ur 9-1 in ur last 10 and then playing the Mariners, i don't see them slowing down

6)Red Sox-Might not make the playoffs, their only good chance is 2 beat out the Yankees in the divsion, that how good the wild card is in the American League

7)Twins-Missing the crafty lefty power pitcher will surly not make it any easier 4 them 2 beat out the top 2 teams in the MLB

8)Dodgers-The hottest team in baseball

9)Blue Jays-Tied 2 do what the Yankees expeirament, use money 2 create a great team, well try something ulse since they threw away a lot of money this year

10)Cardinals-Can they hold onto the NL Central lead?

11)Reds-Can win the NL Central if the red birds don't get out of their un-timly slump

12)Rangers-Huge winners of the trade deadline could help them the AL West next year

13)Angels-Same as the Angles but didn't do anything at the trade deadline

14)Padres-Somehow still in the playoff race

15)Rockies-Need 2 get their pitching together or ulse they will not see any chance 2 win anything in their short franchise

16)Diamondbacks-Teams #14-16 r all from the NL West...somehow

17)Phillies-Finally, the 2nd NL East team, shows how much compation there is

18)Braves-Haven't lost a divison title since i was born, too bad that streak is about 2 end

19)Astros-No miracle this year from Gardner

20)Mariners-Did better this year than last year at least, did have the divison lead 4 games into the season

21)Indians-Won 6 in a row all of a sudden

22)Marlins-With all of that young talent, they didn't do that bad, which isn't really that great either

23)Giants-Disappointing season and nobody have noticed it in San Fran since all the focus is on Bonds

24)Brewers-They need 2 find more younger talent if they ever want a chance 2 invited 2 the October Dance

25)Nationals-Soriano is the only thing 2 talk about in the States Capital

26)Cubs-What the fuck happen here Baker, u guys SUCK!!!!

27)Orioles-The only thing here 2 talk about is Tejada and the pushed back Brian Roberts promtional day since the creater got his race messed up

28)Pirates-Could make or break a teams hope since the Pirates have found a winning streak

29)Devil Rays-Will they ever get in the top 20?

30)Royals-What have the Royals really accomplished in the last well...lets say the last decade!

Please post comments on my Power Rankings

Jake "Bonzai" Sousa

Friday, August 11, 2006

Bonzai Big Board

Every month i will put down a list of 25 players from best 2 worst.

1-Albert Pujols-On a slump right now but no sign of giving up

2-Alfonso Soriano-When Pujols is on a slump, Soriano takes advantage

3-David Ortiz-He has a shot of 60 HR's and 160 RBI's, though he doesn't get the reconiztion

4-Carlos Beltran-He has everything going this year, too bad that their r 3 better players this year

5-Vladimir Guerrero-Once again, Vlad has it all but SB's

6-Manny Ramirez-Manny is overshadowed by big papi, maybe coz he only beats him in avg.

7-David Wright-At the age of 24 and already the 7th best player, you really can't beat that unless if ur Fat Albert

8-Alex Rodriguez-Yankee fans see A-Rods offensive #'s go down worse than his fielding, he is not having that bad of a year offensivly.

9-Johan Santana-Supernatural need 2 step it up since his little brother Fransico Liriano is out 4 the year

10-Chase Utley-He is on his way 4 a .300/30/100 this year or next year

11-Ryan Howard-His offensive #'s r really hard 2 pass up later in the list

12-Travis Hafner-Maybe the most underrated player in the league, a top 15 player not making the all-star team who's hitting .300 with 34 hr's and 97 rbi's, something is out of place

13-Jose Reyes-He is maybe the best all-around player, hitting close 2 .300 with 15 hr's and about 60 rbi's, he also is really close 2 100 runs and 50 stolen bases

14-Miguel Tejada-HR #'s down but avg. and rbi #'s still impressive

15-Jim Thome-Power #'s really high and impressive close 2 sub .300 avg.

16-Lance Berkman-Really great player playing 4 a underachiving team

17-Carl Crawford-Fantasy #'s going down, only 1 SB in past 24 games

18-Derek Jeter-Career high pace batting average and high rbi #, though all yankee fans care about r home runs.

19-Miguel Cabera-Finally he finds his form of top of the line avg. hitter

20-Carlos Lee-Should find his HR #'s up eventually since he is playing 4 Texas

21-Justin Morneau-Hitting around .330 with 30 hr's and 100 rbi's

22-Roy Halladay-The best winner of the league finally loses since mid june

23-Vernon Wells-On a very unusual slump without any hr's, rbi's, or sb's in past 10 games about

24-Pedro Martinez-His k's is impressive but whats unreal is his WHIP (0.99)

25-Jason Bay-I bet u that his #'s would be so much better if he played with the Yankees

Please Post Commets about my board

Thank You 4 reading

Jake "Bonzai" Sousa

Monday, August 07, 2006

Who's in October?

Well with the season near its end, we should start thinking about October ball well...that is 4 only 8 teams! Here is my prediction on who will win each divison and the wild cards.

Al West
Texas Rangers
Their amazing moves at the deadline is what they did 2 get into the playoffs. Carlos Lee should help them a whole lot 2 their already kick ass offense and with Adam Eaton and Kip Wells will help their starting rotation and then their bullpen is solid enough 2 push them into the post season.

Al Central
Detroit Tigers
At the beginning of the season, evey1 thought they finish 4th in their divison, now they r only about a month and a half on winning the AL Central, the toughest divison in the MLB. The Tigers have come out of nowhere's land 2 become the league's 1st 70 game winner and has a great chance 2 have the best record in the league. Well if the Tigers keep playing like they have been then they will have no problem winning the divison and find themselves in the playoffs 4 the 1st time in awhile

Al East
Boston Red Sox
What this team has over the Yankees is pitching depth and that is what they need 2 use 2 win the divison over the Yankees 4 the 1st time since i was born. The Red Sox have a decent offense and pitching all around and they should go on streaks most of the time until the end of the season. Watch this as it will be a close race as the winner will be in the playoff and the other won't as thier is a better team in the wild card that happens 2 be in the Al Central.

Al Wild Card
Chicago White Sox
The defending World Series Champs will have their shot at defending it again as they have what it takes 2 win the Wild Card and most likely beat out the Yankees and the Twins. They the pitching, the bullpen, and the offense 2 beat out the Yankees and the Twins with little problem. The problem is that if they go on a long losing streak then they will not be able 2 play at least 3 extra games in October. The White Sox need players like Freddy Garica and Scott Podsendnik 2 step up and play at their potential 2 win the Wild Card and play into October.

Nl West
Los Angeles Dodgers
This 1 was tough, had 2 choose between 5 bad teams that shouldn't be in the playoffs, well when u have 2 choose 1 i will pick the Dodgers. They did a great job trading 4 players that they needed and now they r on a timely hot streak. With new players like lugo and benimient they have a shot comming from losing 15 of 16 at the break 2 winning the Nl West. It is a shame 2 have not a great team in the playoffs.

Nl Central
St. Louis Cardinals
I hope that the Cardinals r enjoying their new staduim cause when comes October. It won't be as fun when the fans will be waiting 4 a World Series and they come up short. The Cardinals will win once again the Nl Central and then they lose in the playoffs. The Cardinals have been dominant against their own divison as they should have no problem 2 win the divsion...yet again!

Nl East
New York Mets
Well at least there is going 2 be a New York team in the playoffs once again. I also have a feeling that this might be the year when the Mets win the World Series. They have no compation inside their division and should find the October sky and win the World Series and show the Yankees that they mean business.

Nl Wild Card
Colorado Rockies
The Rockies have been playing great baseball lately and now they a great chance 2 be in the playoffs 4 the 1st time in franchise history. The have a lot of young talent that should help them musle themselves into the playoffs through the wild card. They have a great team 4 the future as well, don't be surprised if they win the wild card or even the divison next year.

That all 4 now

Jake "Bonzai" Sousa

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Trade Deadline, Winners and Losers

Well the Trade Deadline is over and boy it was a fun dealine as a lot of players once again were traded but there were some winners and of course when ever there is a winner, there is always a loser. Here r the winners and losers of the trade deadline.

New York Yankees
Well once again the Yankees might have done just enough to win the divsion as with the big pick up of Bobby Abrew might as well saved the yankees with the missing of sheffield and matsui. They also added a couple of other players to help them in the short run since they don't really have any more prosepects anymore and with Damon always hurt every now and then by stupid things (he hurt him self a week or 2 again getting out of his car) Abreu was a huge pick up. Even though 1 player doesn't make much or a differece, the yankees still have a solid line up and rotaion, the only thing that the yankees could have done better was to go get a set up man as they need a decent pitcher that can give the ball 2 rivera in the 9th inning.

Texas Rangers
They did basically what the yankees did, they traded away a bunch of side players 4 a great outfielder to fill in the whole as with Carlos Lee now on their side, they can make a playoff push but by only wining the divsion (remember, the rangers play in the western divsion)Lee has played in the american league before and he shouldn't have a problem adjusting 2 the american league pitching. They also helped out their pitching by aquiring adam eaton and kip wells who they both had decent starts, this should help them a lot as their pitching is the biggest blunder in the rangers roster, if all of those players come through, get ready to see the rangers winning the al west.

Los Angeles Dodgers
What this team needed was a better infield since injuries have killed them (jeff kent) juilo lugo and wilson benimeint will totally turn this team that lost 15 of 16 after the AS break and now the team has won 8 games in a row. They traded away players that have done jack shit 4 their team such as baez and wait it is not done, they also ended up with verteran stater greg maddux and even though he is in some kind of losing state, he is playing 4 a team that now should get more runs and help him win more games. With all or that the Dodgers should keep on winning and will find themselves in the playoff once again.

Winner and Loser
Wasington Nationals
They aquired 2 everyday players from the reds 4 a couple of relif pitchers and that is ok when the wild card is even way out of their reach. Austin Kearns and Felpie Lopez was a great way 2 get two solid every day players from a bullpen that needed 2 find better piching, well the Nats totally ripped them off as they did fill in the holes of all the injred players. The reason y they r a loser is that they didn't get rid of any of the players that were injured. If they traded alfonso soriano they could have got a better player or even players to help their roster so they could at least have a chance next year but instead, after the reds trade they end up as a picky team that wanted it their way. Well better luck next decade.

Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, Devil Rays
When the Yankees got their ass off the couch they ened up a very solid outfielder and all the rest of the al east could do was watch, when the trade with the yankees and phillies happened the red sox and blue jays light bulp finally turned on but unfortunaly it was a little too late 4 them 2 do anything. the yankees win the al east and the red sox, who have done a lot in the post season won't be able 2 do anything as a team from the centeral will win the wild card and the blue jays just try 2 use money like the yankees do 2 win but the yankees have much better depth then the blue jays. the orioles and devil rays havent done anything 2 brighting their future orgaization and the devil rays have a few prospects and the orioles should have a better, younger team next year but there is 1 problem, they don't trade 4 the better players on the market! the orioles could have traded tejada 4 a lot and the devil rays traded but lost an everyday player (lugo) and the funny part is that the devil rays can't trade away any more every day players since they don't have any depth at all in the near future accept 4 b.j. upton. Yankees win the al east...again

They traded away a starter who is having a bad year but has done well in the past and a set up man 4 some1 named xaiveir nady! what the hell r the pirates thinking, the pirates can what about another decade 4 at least a chance 2 finsih 5th instead of 6th in their divison. This team needed better depth, pitching all around instead of some so-so outfielder. way 2 be pirates, way 2 be.

Mariners, Angels, Athletics
The rangers totally burned the rest of the AL west by making their of and sp rotiation better while the rest do nothing. The mariners need 2 make their offense much better and fast, they do have a good minor leauge system but the thing is that they all take longer then their 1st year 2 be dominant players. The angels need 2 bulid a better bullpen cause they don't really have any1 solid besides rodriguiz and sheilds 2 help the team. and the a's had the biggest chance of trading zito away and get what they needed, a better infielder or pitcher but instead they hold onto him and they stay the same, the rangers might have somehow pulled off the al west

Ok, when you trade away 2 everyday players 4 relief pitching, well u don't get much of a relief when u find out that ur team has terriable depth and then u can't replace the same amount of talent lost. The relief pichers they acuired r doing really bad as well and well duh! relief pitchers is maybe the most likely to suck postion cause relief pitching is only good 4 1 inning cause they all go all out in the 1st and don't save any more 4 later, good job reds cause u just blew ur chance of winning the wild card.

Well that is all for this post and thank you for reading

Jake "Bonzai" Sousa

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