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Friday, August 11, 2006

Bonzai Big Board

Every month i will put down a list of 25 players from best 2 worst.

1-Albert Pujols-On a slump right now but no sign of giving up

2-Alfonso Soriano-When Pujols is on a slump, Soriano takes advantage

3-David Ortiz-He has a shot of 60 HR's and 160 RBI's, though he doesn't get the reconiztion

4-Carlos Beltran-He has everything going this year, too bad that their r 3 better players this year

5-Vladimir Guerrero-Once again, Vlad has it all but SB's

6-Manny Ramirez-Manny is overshadowed by big papi, maybe coz he only beats him in avg.

7-David Wright-At the age of 24 and already the 7th best player, you really can't beat that unless if ur Fat Albert

8-Alex Rodriguez-Yankee fans see A-Rods offensive #'s go down worse than his fielding, he is not having that bad of a year offensivly.

9-Johan Santana-Supernatural need 2 step it up since his little brother Fransico Liriano is out 4 the year

10-Chase Utley-He is on his way 4 a .300/30/100 this year or next year

11-Ryan Howard-His offensive #'s r really hard 2 pass up later in the list

12-Travis Hafner-Maybe the most underrated player in the league, a top 15 player not making the all-star team who's hitting .300 with 34 hr's and 97 rbi's, something is out of place

13-Jose Reyes-He is maybe the best all-around player, hitting close 2 .300 with 15 hr's and about 60 rbi's, he also is really close 2 100 runs and 50 stolen bases

14-Miguel Tejada-HR #'s down but avg. and rbi #'s still impressive

15-Jim Thome-Power #'s really high and impressive close 2 sub .300 avg.

16-Lance Berkman-Really great player playing 4 a underachiving team

17-Carl Crawford-Fantasy #'s going down, only 1 SB in past 24 games

18-Derek Jeter-Career high pace batting average and high rbi #, though all yankee fans care about r home runs.

19-Miguel Cabera-Finally he finds his form of top of the line avg. hitter

20-Carlos Lee-Should find his HR #'s up eventually since he is playing 4 Texas

21-Justin Morneau-Hitting around .330 with 30 hr's and 100 rbi's

22-Roy Halladay-The best winner of the league finally loses since mid june

23-Vernon Wells-On a very unusual slump without any hr's, rbi's, or sb's in past 10 games about

24-Pedro Martinez-His k's is impressive but whats unreal is his WHIP (0.99)

25-Jason Bay-I bet u that his #'s would be so much better if he played with the Yankees

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Thank You 4 reading

Jake "Bonzai" Sousa


  • At 8:28 AM, Blogger Alex said…

    6 players in the top 12!

    I like your board. You did a good job of not under or over valuing very manyy guys. One guy I think is too high is David Wright. I know he is one of the few 5 stat players (22 HR, 15 SB) but he is in a huge slump. In his last 23 games Wright has hit 1 homerun and 9 RBIs. To be approximate 23 games ago was July 18th. Just lately he has been stealing more bases (4 in his last 6) but before that he was on a 36 game drought of a steal. He didn't have ONE steal in July. I think he is a great addition to any team but i don't see much of a difference between him and alot of other guys who put up good HR and SB totals like Mike Cameron (17 HR, 18 SB), Julio Lugo (12 Hr, 20 SB) and Eric Byrnes. All three of those guys are on the Waiver Wire in our league. I'm not saying David Wright is about as good as some of those guys but i am saying that finding a good HR and SB is eaiser than people think.

  • At 1:55 PM, Blogger bonzai said…

    peek, i can see what ur saying but the think u missed out in is all around besides fielding, david wright is not in a huge slump, he is in a slump of his own by only hitting 1 hr but he still keeps his avg. up and his rbi total up, i know he has stopped stealing bases but that won't be the end of him running on the basepaths, he scores a lot so he is a really really great all-around player. mike cameron, julio lugo, and eric byrnes all don't get as many hr's as wright and they can get more sb's but they can't get the avg. or the rbi and even the runs that wright gets so wright 2 me is in the right place in the board coz there r a lot of other players that don't produce the same #'s wright gets

  • At 1:55 PM, Blogger bonzai said…

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