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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Power Rankings

Here r the updated Power Ranking every month

1)Tigers-Still the best there is but they r on a slump

2)White Sox-Surging 2 be the very best in their divison, unfornaltly they need 2 beat the Tigers which happen 2 be the best in the league

3)Mets-Best in the NL by far, too bad that the NL isn't as great as the AL, get ready 2 see the Mets in the World Series and lose.

4)Yankees-Its been awhile since there has been a better New York team than the Bronx Bombers

5)Athletics-When ur 9-1 in ur last 10 and then playing the Mariners, i don't see them slowing down

6)Red Sox-Might not make the playoffs, their only good chance is 2 beat out the Yankees in the divsion, that how good the wild card is in the American League

7)Twins-Missing the crafty lefty power pitcher will surly not make it any easier 4 them 2 beat out the top 2 teams in the MLB

8)Dodgers-The hottest team in baseball

9)Blue Jays-Tied 2 do what the Yankees expeirament, use money 2 create a great team, well try something ulse since they threw away a lot of money this year

10)Cardinals-Can they hold onto the NL Central lead?

11)Reds-Can win the NL Central if the red birds don't get out of their un-timly slump

12)Rangers-Huge winners of the trade deadline could help them the AL West next year

13)Angels-Same as the Angles but didn't do anything at the trade deadline

14)Padres-Somehow still in the playoff race

15)Rockies-Need 2 get their pitching together or ulse they will not see any chance 2 win anything in their short franchise

16)Diamondbacks-Teams #14-16 r all from the NL West...somehow

17)Phillies-Finally, the 2nd NL East team, shows how much compation there is

18)Braves-Haven't lost a divison title since i was born, too bad that streak is about 2 end

19)Astros-No miracle this year from Gardner

20)Mariners-Did better this year than last year at least, did have the divison lead 4 games into the season

21)Indians-Won 6 in a row all of a sudden

22)Marlins-With all of that young talent, they didn't do that bad, which isn't really that great either

23)Giants-Disappointing season and nobody have noticed it in San Fran since all the focus is on Bonds

24)Brewers-They need 2 find more younger talent if they ever want a chance 2 invited 2 the October Dance

25)Nationals-Soriano is the only thing 2 talk about in the States Capital

26)Cubs-What the fuck happen here Baker, u guys SUCK!!!!

27)Orioles-The only thing here 2 talk about is Tejada and the pushed back Brian Roberts promtional day since the creater got his race messed up

28)Pirates-Could make or break a teams hope since the Pirates have found a winning streak

29)Devil Rays-Will they ever get in the top 20?

30)Royals-What have the Royals really accomplished in the last well...lets say the last decade!

Please post comments on my Power Rankings

Jake "Bonzai" Sousa


  • At 9:21 PM, Blogger Idahofan said…

    ok, why is tampa bay 29th, and why are the royals thirtieth. Pittsburgh is worse than both of them, look at KC's sweep to prove it. Also, Seattle at 20 is a little high. They are in last place, give them a ranking accordingly. Leading four games in doesnt warrant a high ranking.

    good job though

  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger bonzai said…

    royals have had done only 1 thing right the whole year, the devil rays r on another losing streak and the pirates have a better record then both of them and r also on a winning streak, Seattle is at 20 is nothing wrong with that, they r at the 1/3 part of the list, i think it is right were it is, as in that i mean perfect


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