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Monday, August 07, 2006

Who's in October?

Well with the season near its end, we should start thinking about October ball well...that is 4 only 8 teams! Here is my prediction on who will win each divison and the wild cards.

Al West
Texas Rangers
Their amazing moves at the deadline is what they did 2 get into the playoffs. Carlos Lee should help them a whole lot 2 their already kick ass offense and with Adam Eaton and Kip Wells will help their starting rotation and then their bullpen is solid enough 2 push them into the post season.

Al Central
Detroit Tigers
At the beginning of the season, evey1 thought they finish 4th in their divison, now they r only about a month and a half on winning the AL Central, the toughest divison in the MLB. The Tigers have come out of nowhere's land 2 become the league's 1st 70 game winner and has a great chance 2 have the best record in the league. Well if the Tigers keep playing like they have been then they will have no problem winning the divison and find themselves in the playoffs 4 the 1st time in awhile

Al East
Boston Red Sox
What this team has over the Yankees is pitching depth and that is what they need 2 use 2 win the divison over the Yankees 4 the 1st time since i was born. The Red Sox have a decent offense and pitching all around and they should go on streaks most of the time until the end of the season. Watch this as it will be a close race as the winner will be in the playoff and the other won't as thier is a better team in the wild card that happens 2 be in the Al Central.

Al Wild Card
Chicago White Sox
The defending World Series Champs will have their shot at defending it again as they have what it takes 2 win the Wild Card and most likely beat out the Yankees and the Twins. They the pitching, the bullpen, and the offense 2 beat out the Yankees and the Twins with little problem. The problem is that if they go on a long losing streak then they will not be able 2 play at least 3 extra games in October. The White Sox need players like Freddy Garica and Scott Podsendnik 2 step up and play at their potential 2 win the Wild Card and play into October.

Nl West
Los Angeles Dodgers
This 1 was tough, had 2 choose between 5 bad teams that shouldn't be in the playoffs, well when u have 2 choose 1 i will pick the Dodgers. They did a great job trading 4 players that they needed and now they r on a timely hot streak. With new players like lugo and benimient they have a shot comming from losing 15 of 16 at the break 2 winning the Nl West. It is a shame 2 have not a great team in the playoffs.

Nl Central
St. Louis Cardinals
I hope that the Cardinals r enjoying their new staduim cause when comes October. It won't be as fun when the fans will be waiting 4 a World Series and they come up short. The Cardinals will win once again the Nl Central and then they lose in the playoffs. The Cardinals have been dominant against their own divison as they should have no problem 2 win the divsion...yet again!

Nl East
New York Mets
Well at least there is going 2 be a New York team in the playoffs once again. I also have a feeling that this might be the year when the Mets win the World Series. They have no compation inside their division and should find the October sky and win the World Series and show the Yankees that they mean business.

Nl Wild Card
Colorado Rockies
The Rockies have been playing great baseball lately and now they a great chance 2 be in the playoffs 4 the 1st time in franchise history. The have a lot of young talent that should help them musle themselves into the playoffs through the wild card. They have a great team 4 the future as well, don't be surprised if they win the wild card or even the divison next year.

That all 4 now

Jake "Bonzai" Sousa


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